Last weekend I watched STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON with my mom. Something you must understand about her: she loves chick flicks, Garth Brooks, Dreamsicles, and Michael Vartan. When I was a kid, she would send me to Blockbuster to rent movies but figured me out and started to say "Please don't get any weird movies." Translation: If Meryl Streep isn't in it, don't get it. Over the last few years, I finally broke her and she's been watching a lot of indie films and stuff outside of her comfort zone. You can imagine my surprise when she asked if I'd watch STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON with her. She knows nothing about N.W.A., Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and their legacies.

I wanted her to see it, so I didn't warn her about the cussing, drugs, and nudity. I made a bet on Twitter that she wouldn't last 15 minutes without calling it quits or falling asleep (a habit is Whales have when we haven’t had our ten hours of sleep.)

I was wrong.

She made it to the end and loved the movie. However, mom need a little guidance with the movie. Here's how it our STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON viewing went. 

Mom: *Pause* Is 64 a gun?
Me: It's an Impala. You can't roll down the street in a gun. The idea is to not get shot. Ever.

Mom: *Pause* Ugh. Those police officers are real assholes. Sometimes I just tell myself "fuck the police."
Chase: Mom. You are in for a treat.

Mom: *Pause* Who is this white guy? I recognize him.
Me: Paul Giamatti.
Mom: My God! He isn't aging well. His hair!
Me: It's a wig. Please stop pausing and watch.

Mom: *Pause* Is that Ice Cube?
Me: It's his son.
Mom: I'm so confused.
Me: Hold all questions until the end of the movie.

"Fuck Da Police" just came on and mom is losing her shit. She loves it. I. Am Shocked. (And super happy.)

Mama whale fist-pumped when Ice Cube told the crowd to toss up their middle finger towards the police. She is loving this movie. #winning

Mom was wide awake the whole time  during a movie for the first time, and it was Straight Outta Compton. She said Fuck Da Su-leep.

I am a proud son.