From the GATW Archives: Comic-Con Video Interview: Jesse Eisenberg (ZOMBIELAND)

I must say Jesse Eisenberg is a sweetheart. He’s also a very shy guy, which is very easy to maneuver around with the many gentlemanly traits that he carries. You tell the guy he looks nice, and he’ll reply sincerely with something polite like “thank you, that’s very nice of you to say.” If I ever met his parents, I would let them know they did a fine job raising him.

Now on to the goods. I caught up with Jesse here at Comic-Con to chat about his upcoming uber-cool zombie flick, ZOMBIELAND. They just premiered the new trailer for the film here and it is, without a doubt, going to be one of the best zombie flicks ever made. You miss this film this year and you’ll probably lose a lot of friends. And family.

Check out the interview as we briefly talk about the perfect zombie kill and the weirdest profession to have as a zombie. And please let us know what you think!