From the GATW Archives: Fantastic Fest 2010 Video Interview: LET ME IN writer/director Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves started off directing episodes of Felicity, then made himself a household name in the geek world when he teamed up with J.J. Abrams to make CLOVERFIELD. Reeves is back, and staying in the horror genre with LET ME IN, the American remake of the 2008 Swedish vampire film, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. If you read my review (spoiler free), you see that this director is here to stay.

I missed the chance to interview Reeves at TIFF, and I blame having the worst sense of direction, but a second chance came via Fantastic Fest, and here we are. Check out the video interview after the break, where we talk car crashes, 8mm camera tattoos, and the appreciation of remakes.

Note: the audio was a little funky in the begining, but what I’m asking Reeves to talk about is the car crash scene in the film. Also, the lighting didn’t work well in our favor, but this is still an awesome interview. Enjoy!