From the GATW Archives: Fantastic Fest Video Interview: Dolph Lundgren


Last Thursday, Dolph Lundgren came to introduce UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: A NEW BEGINNING, the final secret screening of Fantastic Fest. After the U.S. III Q&A, my good friend Scott E. Weinberg over at Cinematical set me up with an interview with Dolph. Since the first UNIVERSAL SOLDIER played a big part of my childhood, as well as ROCKY IV, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO, and - the best of them yet - the original THE PUNISHER, you could see the childlike excitement glowing all around me. Minutes before Dolph walked into the interviewing room that was covered with white fur on the wall (don’t ask), all I could think about was, “pleeeeeease don’t be a dick, pleeeeeease don’t be a dick, pleeeeease don’t be a dick!” I accepted the fact a long time ago that Santa Claus wasn’t real, but I did not wanted my movie childhood memories shattered. They weren’t - Dolph is one badass motherfucker!

Check out my video interview with Dolph (after the jump!), as we discuss what it was like to put back on Sergeant Andrew Scott’s boots after almost two decades, and what we’re in for with UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: A NEW BEGINNING.