From the GATW Archives: PAPER HEART Video Interview Part 1: Charlyne Yi and Jake Johnson

Experimenting is a whole lot of fun. It’s also a whole lot of PAPER HEART. So when James and I were given the chance to interview the two stars of the film, Charlyne Yi and Jake Johnson, we knew the only way to go was to try something we’ve never done before - have them film us as we filmed them - and pray that it worked in our favor. It did.

The interview is about ten minutes long, but I promise you, it’s worth the watch. This is, without a doubt, one of the most delightful conversations I’ve ever had (and shared) with someone who makes a living in front of a camera. Charlyne and Jake made the unplanned outcomes - slapping one another, changing accents mid-interview, and putting the camera right in my ear - incredibly entertaining. If you don’t enjoy this interview, your heart’s not made of muscle, or paper - it’s made of stone!

Watch this and then go see PAPER HEART. Or go see PAPER HEART and then watch this. Just make sure you do both! Enjoy! And look out next week for part 2, which features a planned, but failed, attempt at welcoming them to the great state of Texas!