From the GATW Archives: SLAMMIN’ SALMON party with GATW and Broken Lizard

What do you get when you combine some of GATW, some of Broken Lizard, and all of you? ONE KICK-ASS PARTY!

Here’s the lowdown on what’s going to happen:

In attendance:
Jay Chandrasekhar
Paul Soter
Erik Stolhanske

Broken Lizard’s THE SLAMMIN’ SALMON opens Friday, December 11th, and we were asked - which we happily obliged - to throw a killer party for the boys. To make this happen, we need every one of you to clear your evening schedule on Friday, December 11th. As you can see from the flyer above (click to see a high resolution version), we’ve got a lot in store for you. Just so you know we’re ready to get the party started as 6 PM sharp, the first 25 people to show up will get a poster of THE SLAMMIN’ SALMON, signed by Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske.

At the party, we’re going to be hosting an oyster eating contest, which will come with an awesome prize for the winner. The dudes will be commentating and MCing during that contest. So pretty much, you’re going to be laughing your ass off as you’re stuffing your face. Bring your cameras and DVDs for a chance to get photos with the dudes and autographs. Your lover will be super-impressed!

If you are interested in competing in the oyster eating contest, fill out the form after the jump. Tell us why we should pick you. Make sure you’ll be able to make it - if you don’t show up, Michael Clarke Duncan, who plays “Cleon ‘Slammin’ Salmon” in the film, will hunt you down and feed you to the fish!

We’ll announce and contact the lucky contestants next Thursday. Let us know if you need any additional details @ See you next Friday!