From the GATW Archives: Theatrical Review: JACKASS 3D


Rating: 4/5

DirectorJeff Tremaine
JackassesJohnny KnoxvilleBam MargeraSteve-OChris PontiusJason AcuñaRyan DunnPreston LacyDave EnglandEhren McGhehey, and Seann William Scott

If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.

How do you review a movie stuffed full of painful pranks, poop, vomit, squirting poop (diarrhea?), dick punching, farts, more poop, more vomit, and death-defying stunts? You could cover yourself in bird feces while your best friend punches you repeatedly. Or, you take the lighter and less edgy route, like what I’m doing, and write down some of the things you just witnessed.

JACKASS 3D could not have released at a better time. Playing along with this being the third installment in the JACKASS franchise, the, sorry, jackasses behind all of these films aren’t so idiotic after all; they know just what the public wants, and that’s 3D. Was this idea a gimmick on Hollywood’s obsession with 3D? Absolutely. Does it work? Hell yes.

The opening credits are always the best parts of these films. In the first one, they all fit inside and around a giant shopping cart, crashing into some fruit stands. In the second, they ran from a stampede of bulls. In JACKASS 3D’s colorful introduction, our brave men wear ridiculous outfits and get punched, kicked, and paintball shot. This was filmed with super slow-mo cameras, so the audience can see every wrinkle in the face when impacted. It isn’t as much fun as the previous two, but it’s still a great intro.

One thing that director Jeff Tremaine has gotten so clever about is the cinematography. Of course, certain things can only be filmed certain ways due to the nature of of what’s being filmed, but he and his team of filmographers pay a great detail of attention to everything shot in 3D. I never thought I would say a dildo flying at me in slow motion would hold my complete attention, but here I am.

One thing noticeable in JACKASS 3D is the tiredness of the crew. These boys have been beaten to hell, and it’s very apparent their bodies just can’t do it anymore. There were some pretty painful stunts in this, but it seems as though things have been dumbed down a considerable amount. That’s not saying you won’t cringe while watching this, because you absolutely will, but JACKASS 3D seems to be more about the visuals than head-breaking stunts we’ve seen in the previous two films.

The two that shined the most in JACKASS 3D is Steve-O and Chris Pontius, whom you probably recognize as Party Boy from the TV show and previous two films. Steve-O is known for doing some of the  most disgusting things no one would even do in the bedroom, and here, he takes the crude and literal gags to a whole new level of gross. Pontius is our comic relief, smiling from ear to ear as he says random things and inflicts pain on his southern region and tries to fight scorpions with his mouth. These are the two guys that want to do this stuff forever.

JACKASS 3D isn’t just about the pranks and crude humor - it’s a celebration that connected all of them and changed their lives ten years ago, when Jackass first aired on MTV. If this is the last film we see of the boys putting themselves in dangerous and sickening positions to entertain us and give earn them a little bit of spending money, I’d say they perfectly closed on a tragically hilarious and successful run.