Gordon and the Whale: One Year Later

Time flies when you’re havin’ a time. It’s been a little more than a year since GATW shut down. A wild, weird, and wonderful year. Someone up there likes us, because everyone seems to have moved on to bigger (and perhaps better) things. 

I reached out to the editors of GATW and asked them to update the good folks of the Internet on what they are up to these days (great news: nobody is dead). Below are sites and other wondrous places where you can find each of the GATW editors’ new and exciting adventures. And even though we’ve all moved on, we’ll always share this: we love movies deeply, passionately, unabashedly.

From GATW’s Managing Editor, Kate Erbland:

Since the departure of the Good Ship Gordon and the Whale one year ago, former Managing Editor Kate Erbland is now slinging words about cinema for Film School Rejects (as Associate Editor) and MSN Movies’ The Hitlist (as Contributing Writer). She has continued to cover a number of festivals, including Sundance, SXSW, LAFF, and AFI FEST and has penned additional reviews for Boxoffice Magazine. She’s still never walked out on a movie and doesn’t plan on starting anytime soon.

Kate is now a member of the Online Film Critics Society, Rotten Tomatoes, and Indiewire’s Criticwire.

From GATW’s Soundtrack Editor, Allison Loring:

Since the little ship that could, GATW, disbanded last year I have taken my music and film loving heart over to Film School Rejects and have been penning the column “Aural Fixation” which focuses on the use of music in film and has allowed me to interview some of my heroes – Clint Mansell, Cliff Martinez (twice!), and Nathan Johnson. Since becoming an official “reject,” I have also been able to continue covering some of my favorite film festivals from the Los Angeles Film Festival to AFI FEST to Sundance. And when I find myself with something to say on the television or female viewpoint side of things, I have found outlets through both Reel Vixen and Cineboobs. GATW was my first writing home and much like when you graduate from college, I have always felt like it gave me the skills, confidence, and relationships to help me take my love of music and film beyond conversations with friends to an ever growing forum out there on the interwebs.

Allison is now a member of Indiewire’s Criticwire.

From GATW’s News Editor, Joshua Brunsting

What a wild, and truly crazy, 365 days. The past year has been a big one for your faithful former News Editor, in that not only have things at my home The CriterionCast become even bigger than one could have imagined, but I’m now happily married! The old ball and chain and I tied the knot in early October, and it’s been great. As far as writing, this guy is still working hard at making Criterion Cast the home for fans of arthouse, foreign and classic cinema, reviewing the best current theatrical releases, new home video releases, while also digging through various outlets to review the best that cinema history has to offer. Also a member of the Online Film Critics Society, things are looking up. Only wish my GATW family could be part of it all. I miss them all, and I miss the readers. You guys made the long run I had on the site, and the long run the site itself made, some of the happiest times for me, and the entire crew. 

From GATW’s Senior Editor, James Wallace:

After reemerging from a month-long drunken stupor of sadness, binging on nothing but Jack Daniels, choco tacos and Golden Girls reruns, due to the unfortunate closing of Gordon and the Whale, I had to have my “phoenix from the ashes” moment. I knew I had to find new places to do all the things I loved doing at GATW - reviews, interviews, editorials, hosting live film-centric events. And however hard that was to imagine doing elsewhere without my GATW film family, I knew I had to move on if I wanted my passion to thrive and survive. And so I went out into the world, more experienced, more bearded, and hopefully a little bit wiser about the craft, to find new outlets. I ended up kind of bouncing around at a few sites like First Showing and Twitch Film - both of which I am honored to write the occasional thing for or do the occasional interview for, considering these are the very outlets we looked up to when we we’re growing Gordon and the Whale. I also found homes for my writing/interviews with a few local outlets, including the legendary Dallas Observer alt weekly and most recently Central Track, where as their newly minted staff film critic I am heading up a recently rolled out film section of the locally-focused lifestyle site (if there’s an outlet with a tight knit, encouraging group of writers open to new ideas and alternative content that fills that void left by GATW, CT is it). 

But with homes for my writing and interviews, that left one role as former Managing Editor homeless…and that was hosting live events, something I grew to love and took quite a bit of ownership in my days at GATW. And thus, I started IHeartCinema.net - a site that exists to connect movie lovers with cinematastic events (and other movie lovers) in their given cities. Just over a year old and now hosting advance screenings, Q&As, film festivals, and basically any live event related to film in over 15 cities and growing, it’s nice to have a site to call my own. 

However, no matter what I do and no matter who I go on to do things for, I will never forget that Gordon and the Whale is what started it all. And more importantly, I’ll never forget the memories we created, the amazing group of writers we got to create them with, all while hopefully having a few of you readers join us on our crazy journey atop a whale in this cinematic sea. Chase & Rusty taking a chance on a kid with stars in his eyes right out of college was truly life changing for me and I don’t know if I’d be in the same place I am now without Gordon and the Whale. And so I am eternally grateful.

I always said this about the site: if ever there was a real life version of The Goonies, for me, it was Gordon and the Whale. And Goonies never say die.

From GATW’s Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Chase Whale:

Once Team GATW decided to swim in new, different directions, I briefly worked as a programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. I now live in Los Angeles in an over-priced, small apartment where people defecate on the sidewalk within eyeshot (don’t believe the flimflam—L.A. is awesome!). You can currently find my written mumbo jumbo on Twitch Film, Next Movie, Film.com, Film Threatand We Got This Covered. Recently, I interviewed my childhood hero, Jean-Claude Van Damme, where he showed me his signature roundhouse kick. Bam. Kick. Pow. 

I also have a job managing social network portfolios for high-profile people. This job can only be described as “awesome.” I’m a *big, bad Hollywood guy now but still miss my Mama, friends, and family back in Texas. 

My film reviews can also be found on Rotten Tomatoes and Indiewire’s Criticwire

*shameless emotional exhibitionist