Jean-Claude Van Damme: I Want To Be a Shidoshi in 'Bloodsport' Remake

Unless you’ve been stranded on an island somewhere remote, you already know the Mussels from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme, is set to make a comeback as an action star. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to see him on the big screen — for the first time since his very first role in 1986, it’ll be (again) as the villain — in “The Expendables 2.”

We recently spoke with JCVD during his “Expendables” press tour, and before we worked through his feelings on being immortalized as a villain, we got a chance to discuss the “Bloodsport” remake. Internet rumors that Van Damme has the blues over the movie are true, it turns out.

"I want to be in the film as a trainer and I don’t think the writer wants [me] to … he knows that ‘Bloodsport’ is a big film so he wants to get credit with all of that — you know what I’m saying?"

Now, we understand why the writer might not want Van Damme in the picture — with JCVD involved, he would certainly steal a majority of the spotlight — but the idea of putting him as Frank Dux’s trainer  (originally played by Roy Chiao as Senzo Tanaka, whom he called Shidoshi) would really roundhouse kick up the movie’s buzz.

"When I did the first ‘Bloodsport,’" he told us, "it was an independent company and [they] didn’t want bankruptcy, so they sold the title all over the place - 2,3,4,5,6 ‘Bloodsports.’ The remake, I would love to be in it.  It’s kind of painful, but maybe they’ll change their minds. That would be great because I can still kick better than anybody here today."

You can’t argue with that. Hollywood, are you listening?

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