LOOPER Giveaway Winners!


Circling back: on December 13th, I posted a LOOPER giveaway, giving readers a chance at winning a Blu-ray copy of the film and a slick pocket watch that Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears in it. To mirror the JGL/Bruce Willis relationship in LOOPER, contestants had to find a young photo of themselves and take a new one, echoing that old photo as much as they could. There were a lot of solid ones, but I had to narrow ‘em down to my six favorites.  LOOPER’s writer and director Rian Johnson chimed in and was kind enough to help me hammer out the order of the winners.

After chatting back and forth, Rian and I decided the final six contestants should all win something. So we’re giving first and second place a Blu-ray and pocket watch, and the four runners-up get a pocket watch. But here’s where it gets way cool for you winners: Rian has written a personal note to you under your photo. (Nice fella, huh?)

I’ve also added the stories behind some of the photos that contestants sent in with their entries. While all of them are crafty, one of them is poignant and will make your heart melt.

Thanks to everyone who entered –– it’s amazing to know there are so many creative folks out there who love to enter giveaways likes this. And a very special thanks to Rian for being King Awesome and wanting to participate with the judging –– you can’t see me as you read this, but I’m giving you a big virtual hug. (It’s not creepy.)

Here are the winners. 

First Place: 


Story: Not exactly what you had in mind about copying a previous pose, but I wanted to share this picture anyways. This has been a rocky summer for me to say the least. My Father became very sick in July and was admitted to the ICU. Not soon after, my first son was born. My Father finally passed away several weeks after that. Preparing for his funeral, I found this old picture of him holding me as a baby. We didn’t end up using it to display for his wake but I took a picture of it on my iPhone to keep with me. After my Father’s funeral, we were gathered at my cousin’s condo when realized that I was wearing something similar to what my Father was wearing in the picture. My cousin helped me recreate the shot with me holding my son and this is the result. I think it turned out rather well.

Rian: This takes it for me. Such a beautiful shot, and it’s even more beautiful when you know the context behind it.

Second Place:


Story: This is only 8 years apart, but same place, same clothes. You can definitely feel the sibling love and total patience with the whole ‘photo’ process, can’t you?

RianTo quote Tenacious D, “that’s fuckin teamwork!” Also impressed by how much the younger you looks like the daughter from Homeland. 



Story: I would like to note: same top, same bottoms.

Wow, that’s impressive. Even more impressive: the Twin Peaks owl symbol scrawled on the cave wall behind your younger self. BOOKHOUSE BOYS!


Story: Here’s my photo: me at 14 and 30 (ie. earlier today).

Goddamn that is some seriously intense style for a 14 year old. At 14 I was wearing Cosby sweaters, you look like the villain from a Die Hard movie. I am impressed. 


Awesome. That kid batman costume looks hand-sewn to me. Mom geek cred: EARNED!


That is some amazing attention to detail. The cake is not a lie!

Winners: check your email! You have 48 hours to reply or I will send one of Abe’s Gat Men after you. 

If you’re reading this, make sure you support this important film. It’s available today on Blu-ray/DVD and you can get it here: amzn.to/RNr9Qb.