From the GATW Archives: Sundance 2010 Review: Bobby Miller's TUB

Rating: 9/10

Writer/Director: Bobby Miller
Cast: Eric M. Levy, Megan Raye Manzi

TUB is a short film written and directed by Bobby Miller. Bobby is best known for his online show, The Reel Good Show, which is batshit hilarious (watch the BEST WORST MOVIE episode - it’s top notch). But Bobby is best known to me as one of the most courageous indie filmmakers I’ve ever met. Here’s the synopsis for TUB: a guy (Eric M. Levy) masturbates in his bathtub one night after his girlfriend (Megan Raye Manzi) won’t give him the goods. He wakes up the next morning to see a baby has spawned from the tub’s drain. Yes, you read that right and, yes, shit gets weird.

When I heard there was a short film playing at Sundance about a guy who impregnates his tub, my first thought was, “This sounds gross - I must see it!” I’m glad I stuck with my gut, the film is very effective. Bobby has a unique vision and it’s only a matter of time before everyone takes notice.

If you’re currently at Sundance, you can grab tickets to one of the Shorts Programs that’s screening Bobby’s film HERE. If you’re a festival director, I urge you to get this short to your festival.

From the GATW Archives: Sundance 2010 Video Interview: Bobby Miller (TUB)

Bobby Miller was one of the most eccentric people I got the pleasure of meeting at this year’s Sundance. He’s funny, he’s polite, and he directed a movie about a guy that impregnates his bathtub. Pretty weird, right? I bet you’re interest has now been sparked.

That’s right folks, TUB is the name of the movie and there is masturbation and a baby spawned from an impregnated tub. I assure you, it’s not all gross-out, it’s actually an intelligent and charismatic film.

Check out the interview after the jump! Also, if you’re on twitter, follow Bobby HERE and follow his short HERE! Weeeeee!

From the GATW Archives: GATW West Coast Editor Kate Erbland does “That Movie Show” with Bobby Miller

Bobby Miller and Kate Erbland have quickly become two of my favorite people on planet Earth. They’re funny, adorable, they kick dance, and they know how to tell a good story. I met Miller last year at Sundance, where his short film TUB premiered. Don’t know what TUB is? Read my review HERE. Oh, and to shameless plug us into an article already shamelessly plugging ourselves, here’s our interview with Miller about TUB.

Last month, our very own Erbland filmed her appearance on the third webisode of Bobby Miller’s That Movie Show. In it, Bobby gets advice on Nicolas Cage’s awesome long locks, talks to puppets, and wrangles Kate into talking about her top 10 films of the year. This is a webisode that will be talked about for centuries. Click on the above image to watch! A brand new episode of That Movie Show pops up on the Internet every Thursday.

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