From the GATW Archives: SXSW 2010 Video Interview: Actors Bill Murray, Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, director Aaron Schneider, and producer Dean Zanuck (GET LOW)


Let me tell you this first hand, it’s very difficult to keep composure when sitting at a roundtable interview and speaking with three of the biggest Hollywood icons in film history: Bill Murray, Robert Duvall, and Sissy Spacek, who were attending SXSW to promote their latest film, GET LOW. Lucky for my blogging career, I kept my cool and asked my questions.

This video interview is a roundtable interview, which means there were other journalists there asking questions as well. Doing roundtables are very tricky because sometimes another journalist will ask some pretty bold and/or embarrassing questions. If some of these questions get low on the fun, tune that out, get weird, and watch Murray eat his sandwich (I know that’s all you’re here for anyway) until Duvall starts talking about mules and his hatred for O’ BROTHER WHERE ARE THOU - definitely the highlight of the interview. Then have your heart melted (like mine) when Sissy Spacek says hi to her mom on camera. Without a doubt the most adorable moment of my SXSW 2010 trip (thank you, Sissy - you’re. the. best!).

GET LOW is slated to open July 30, 2010.