From the GATW Archives: SXSW 2011 Video Interview: RED RIDING HOOD director Catherine Hardwicke and actor Shiloh Fernandez


Catherine Hardwicke’s RED RIDING HOOD premiered at SXSW just a few days ago and Hardwicke and RRH’s lead actor Shiloh Fernandez were in town promoting the film and doing interviews. I have not seen most of Hardwicke’s films but I am very aware she did production design for one of my favorite films ever, TAPEHEADS (she also designed the film’s logo). So, what did I do? I bought a VHS version of TAPEHEADS on eBay and during my interview gave it to her.

Most of that conversation is caught at the very end of this interview, but you can tell by the smile on Hardwicke’s face that she’s still a fan of this film, which makes me adore her. In the little time we had, we chatted about the beloved fairytale “Red Riding Hood,” and Fernandez gave a little insight on some of the differences in working on a studio vs. indie film. We also talked about my Red Riding Shoes, which have are model numbered 420 and made for a awkwardly great question from Shiloh.