From the GATW Archives: Rusty Gordon is now a member of the DFW Film Critics Association!

Photo by Annie Ray

Today has been a really, really good day for GATW. This morning, NBC DFW wrote an article about me that was included in their list of the “25 Most Interesting People in DFW.” You can check that out HERE. Such a cool thing to even be considered! And I’m next to Erykah Badu?! EEEP!

Now, just minutes ago, we got word that Rusty has been accepted into the DFW Film Critics Association!

Some of you may not know who Rusty is, so let me give you a little insight. Rusty is our main film critic that spits out 2 to 3 brilliant, crazy, hilarious, and influential reviews each week. All he needs to write a review is a laptop and a shirt to chew on (you know, the front neck of the shirt). He’s a shy guy, but once he lets you in, you’ll never get away from his hugs. Wanna make this guy’s day? Buy him some chocolate milk and a large pepperoni pizza.

Congratulations, Rusty, and thanks to NBC DFW for writing one of the coolest articles about me. We love you. (tear)

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