From the GATW Archives: Video Interview: EXTRACT writer/director Mike Judge


I remember first attempting to watch Mike Judge’s BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD when I was in grammar school, but of course the ‘rents shot that down real fast within a minute of airtime. Mike has that humor you don’t want your kids seeing, but boy do you sure appreciate it when you’ve hit puberty.

Last week I sat with Mr. Judge to talk about his new film, EXTRACT. It’s been ten years since he set foot into the work force, and now he’s back, giving us just as many laughs as before. Check out the interview below, where we talk about his inspiration behind EXTRACT and why he loves Texas so much.

I’ve made two version of the interview - a short one with music for all the short attention span viewers out there like myself, and a long one, in which Mike talks about what he’s going to be working on next. Enjoy!