From the GATW Archives: GATW Editor-in-Chief Chase Whale does “Fat Guys at the Movies”

If you’re reading this article, you either 1) are visiting our site to get some sweet movie news, or 2) saw the headline on Twitter and immediately thought, “WTF!?” Yes, I did do Fat Guys at the Movies, but not sexually and in a movie theatre. Gordon in the Whale may be coming soon, though.

Fat Guys at the Movies is a movie podcast that Kevin Carr and Neil Miller (Film School Rejects) have been doing for quite some time now. The title of the show is a play off both Carr and Miller being big (and handsome, of course) men.  The funny story here is I used to be a really pudgy guy and lost a lot of weight this summer. I guess that would make me a phat guy at the movie?

Carr and I met on Twitter a while back and have been making each other laugh out loud ever since. He is a funny man and I enjoy reading his tweets, so it was a nice little treat being asked to guest host an episode. I may or may not have perpared by covering myself in peanut butter. If you’re not creeped out yet, click on the banner below to head over to FGATM and listen to the podcast. If you like (you will), subscribe to them on iTunes!