From the GATW Archives: Sundance 2011 Video Interview: TAKE SHELTER writer/director Jeff Nichols


TAKE SHELTER is a powerful film. In his sophomore effort, writer/director Jeff Nichols tackles many problematic topics in our culture - anxiety, paranoia, fear, trust, and family. Oh, and he meshes them with a possible end-of-the-word subplot, too. There’s a lot to this film, trust me. When walking out of the theater, my dear ol’ pal at Cinema BlendKatey Rich, nailed what most people, including me, were thinking: “I don’t think I’m smart enough for this movie.”

I interviewed Nichols shortly after seeing the film. When writing down my questions, I couldn’t stop. For the first time in my career with GATW, I had so much to ask and I wanted to/could talk to Nichols about TAKE SHELTER all day. This film is so thickly layered, chances are high for a head scratch or two when discussing what Nichols was trying to say.

After the break is the video interview, minus the last question (we discuss the final scene in the film). I will post that question at a later date when I get a chance. My review of the film will follow shortly. Enjoy!