From the GATW Archives: Skype Interview: Marc Clebanoff, writer/director of BREAK (featuring a film cameo by David Carradine)


Getting off the phone for the third time with the same journalist with the same questions can be quite annoying for a director. Hell, it can be quite annoying for anybody - not Marc Clebanoff.

You see, I was given the chance to interview the young director over the phone - whose film debut just so happens to be one of David Carradine’s last roles - and it took me not one, not two, but three times to get it right. You can blame me for it, but I will blame technology.

In the interview, instead of talking about David’s recent death, we celebrated his life with some of the intimidating and somewhat awkward memories Marc had with him on set. Marc was kind enough to send me the clip he talks about in the interview.

Check out the interview and when you’re done, head over to to rent/buy the DVD!