From the GATW Archives: Comic-Con Red Carpet: DISTRICT-9 (with Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley, and PETER JACKSON)

This past weekend at Comic-Con, I spoke with the three faces of DISTRICT 9 (which received a standing ovation after the screening): Neill Blomkamp (co-writer/director), Sharlto Copley (the star of the film who loved the way I shot the interview!), and Peter Jackson (producer/extreme badass who also was taken aback on how I shot the red carpet). For the first two fine gents, I stuck to questions about DISTRICT 9, but when it came time to speak with Jackson, I stayed away from D9 stuff (I’m confident he jumped on as a producer because the script’s incredible and Neill has a brilliant vision. Plus, Peter has a great eye for new talent) and asked the two questions I thought a lot of people would want to know.

After interviewing Peter Jackson, even for less than two minutes, I can honestly say that the anxiety in my body that I feel moments before speaking to someone famous has now dwindled into a rose that hasn’t been watered in over two weeks. Please enjoy these three interviews!

From the GATW Archives: Video Interview: Neill Blomkamp (writer/director) and Sharlto Copley (actor/badass) talk DISTRICT 9 and possible sequel!


Back at Comic-Con, I briefly spoke to Neill and Sharlto (see that HERE!) about their hush hush sci-fi flick, DISTRICT 9. For those who don’t already know this, DISTRICT 9 is the full-length follow up to Neill’s short film, ALIVE IN JOBURG.

Last week I got to speak to the nice fellas again, going more in depth with how DISTRICT 9 was created. If you’ve seen the film, then you know there are layers upon layers, so it would be easy to sit with the two and just talk for hours. Unfortunately, I only had around six minutes, so I narrowed it down to what I thought were the questions people would enjoy learning about. So, without further ado, watch and enjoy!

Please be patient while the video loads. Thank you!