From the GATW Archives: Indie Spotlight: HOMECOMING writer/director Sean Hackett

I’ve have yet to meet up-and-coming filmmaker Sean Hackett, but I already know he’s a talented and darling young man. I can’t exactly remember how Hackett and I began conversing (I know my Erbland was involved at some point) but he asked me to watch his first feature, HOMECOMING. I finally did that last night and am very happy with my decision to skip THE GREEN LANTERN - HOMECOMING is an absolute delight.

HOMECOMING follows an army medic Estelle Szymanski (Friday Night Lights' Brea Grant) who returns home on a short leave. There she engages in fun, awkward, and uncomfortable situations with her two best friends from high school, Owen and Austin (Hackett and Tom Fox Davies, respectively), who don't want her to go back to Afghanistan. During those few days home, her mother (Colleen Camp) attempts to set her up with a boy (John Robinson, Gus Van Sant's ELEPHANT) in hopes she'll change her mind about going back to fight in the war.

Hackett and his team have set up a Demand page; if you like to support thought-provoking and good independent cinema, help this play in your area by demanding it. There’s also aFacebook page and Twitter if social networks are your thing.

Watch  a clip from HOMECOMING, which debuted exclusively onThe Playlist.