From the GATW Archives: Richard Jenkins/Tom McCarthy interview


I got the luck of having Richard Jenkins and Tom McCarthy (for their film The Visitor) for my first one on one at the W Hotel. As you can see, these two lads give me a warm welcome. The Visitor comes out May 2 in Dallas. I’m not allowed to post my review until that day, but I will tell you that I will be seeing this again in theaters, and then buying it on DVD/Blu Ray/VHS/Laser Disc/8 Track/etc.

PS I almost wrote “one one one” for “one on one.” Type that five times fast.

From the GATW Archives: SXSW 2011 Video Interview: WIN WIN writer/director Tom McCarthy and actor Alex Shaffer


Talking to Tom McCarthy is a real treat. We first spoke back in 2007 for his second feature, THE VISITOR, which became one of my top 10 films of that year. Fun fact: McCarthy and actor Richard Jenkins were my first on-camera 1:1 interview and I made the mistake of telling them that prior to the interview, which led to McCarthy having a little fun with it.

As you probably (most definitely if you’re a GATW regular) see, McCarthy’s back with a new film, WIN WIN, which opened just a few days ago. If you look a few posts below, you’ll see my interview with the two of the stars in the film, Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan. Here I talk to McCarthy and newcomer Alex Shaffer. In the film Shaffer plays a wrestler but only a few may know that Shaffer is actually a champion wrestler in real life.

Check out the video interview after the break, and make sure to watch to the very end where McCarthy tells me a very nice and unexpected surprise.