VIDEO: LOOPER Interactive Live Chat with Writer/Director Rian Johnson


Here’s the video of the LOOPER interactive live chat with writer/director Rian Johnson that I moderated last night at the Sony lot. This method was very new for me since it was all online and I’m used to doing this in front of a live audience. I’m quite neurotic and kept thinking I would crash and burn with so many of his fans in the chatroom at the same time, ready to fire their questions away, or technology would work against me in some way and there would be an undesirable amount of awkward moments. But, the great people at Spreecast sat close and guided me through their platform. Despite a few brief periods of dropped audio, it worked out nicely.

I had a blast moderating, asking questions and watching the fans eyes light up as they asked their favorite director their questions. When Rian went into great detail for every question asked, I could tell he was having a time as well. He truly adores his fans and you can see that in his enthusiastic answers to their questions, regardless if he’s answered them over and over before. And It’s easy to say he appreciates his fans because it was his birthday and he wanted to keep the live chat going after we were at it for a good hour and twenty minutes––he spent his a good amount of leisure time (on his birthday) chatting with his fans. That’s one classy filmmaker.