Video Interview: BEGIINNERS Writer/Director Mike Mills


Grief. This is what brought Mike Mills’ BEGINNERS to life. I spoke with Mills last week at SXSW on behalf of BEGINNERS, which is very personal take on the last five years of his father’s life. Over the last three years of covering interviews for GATW, I’ve learned this: directors are the most intriguing people to speak to. I know this is a pretty idiotic observation as it’s fairly obvious (there’s so much picking you can do at a person’s brain who’s made a film), but as I’ve grow with this site, my conversations with filmmakers are starting to get more interesting and sometimes much more personal.

In this interview, Mills opens up about the process of making this film, which was difficult considering its subject. Check it out after the break. Also, check out Mill’s blog where he recaps his SXSW adventure in a two minute video.