Video Interview: Harrison Ford


It’s not every day you get to sit down and chat with someone you grew up watching on the big screen. A few weeks ago, that happened to me, and that someone was Harrison Ford, AKA Han Solo/Indian Jones/Rick Deckard/Henry Turner/Jack Ryan. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t nervous. Ford has the reputation in the press world of being a bit grumpy, but if you watch this interview, you’ll see he’s just a very quiet, reserved, and soft-spoken guy.

I sat down with Ford last week to talk about his new film, EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES, in which he plays Dr. Robert Stonehill, the guy who puts his medical theories to test in hopes to save two children suffering from Pompe Disease. It was a quick interview, but I did manage to ask him a question about one of the most talked about things in film history. EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES opens nationwide this Friday, January 22nd.

(Sorry for the tiny bit of shaky cam on Ford - we didn’t film it.)