Video Interview: Writer and Director Joe Cornish and Actor John Boyega talk ATTACK THE BLOCK


This weekend, I need you to stop playing FIFA on Playstation and head to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. There’s an alien invasion movie opening, it’s called ATTACK THE BLOCK, and you must see it. Trust.

Set in the UK, ATB follows a group of misfite teenagers in South London who get the unfortunate luck of having to save their neighborhood from a pack of very, very hungry aliens. It’s sci-fi meets witty humor with a killer score by Basement Jaxx. It’s awesome meets badass.

Last week I sat down with writer and director Joe Cornish (left) and actor John Boyega (right) to discuss “Attack the Block.” Among the things we talk about in the interview, Cornish discusses the proces of nailing down the perfect creature design. Like me, Cornish has a heavy love for 80s sci-fi films like GREMLINS and CRITTERS. 

Also, advance apologies for the bulk use of white flashes during the interview; the tapes the interview was shot on were damaged, and I did my best make it look clean. Enjoy!

ATTACK THE BLOCK is playing exclusively at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar starting this Friday. Again, you must see it - it’s the best movie of the summer bruv, believe it.

Watch the interview on CultureMap.