New on Blu is a new column from film pundit Chase Whale, exploring arthouse, underground, exploitation and cult cinema released on Blu-ray and DVD from some of the most cutting-edge independent distributors around the U.S.

*Note: More titles release every Tuesday, but I only am able to review what I am sent.

THE REVENANT is one of the wildest of the west movies ever made. The team behind it could not have been more foolproof. 

THE REVENANT at times can be a hard watch because of the sudden hyperviolence, but the journey is worth the ride. Watching a man alone, dying, in the freeze cold do what he cans to survive, just so he can get his revenge for his son's unjustified murder (done by a superb Tom Hardy.) 

The score in THE REVENANT is haunting as well as beautiful, and will stick with you for a weeks, perhaps months after. 

Verdict: This better already be on pre-order.


Is there anything more enjoyable than watch Donnie Yen beat the hell out of people when grand master Yuen Woo Ping (THE MATRIX TRILOGY, KILL BILL Duology) is one of the fighter choreographer? Not much, but in IP MAN 3, IP MAN 1-3 director says fuck it and throws, yes, Mike Tyson in the mix for Donnie Yen to go rounds with. If you already own IP MAN 1 and 2, I don't have to sell you, but if you haven't seen these films -- which I think is a crime -- do yourself a favor and get them. They fun, action-packed, and it's always a blast watch an energetic Donnie Yen on screen throwing fist faster than the eye can see. 

Some cool bonus features: behind-the-scenes, and interviews with Yen and Tyson, as well as a making-of. 


Last and certainly not least is THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, my favorite in the series. (Yes, I like this film better than part one. Wanna fight?)

Director returns to the director's chair for TCM 2, and turns its world upside down. This is the same rodeo you saw in part one (which really pissed off investors). TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 goes for the goofs, laughs, and is a straight comedy, which is part of it's charm. It doesn't take it serious and spoofs the God-awful horror movies that tried to mimic the original CHAINSAW MASSACRE but with boobs, bad kills, and worse dialogue.

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 is one of my favorite movies and I'm jazzed Scream Factory re-released it for us Blu-ray fans. Something you have no-doubt noticed about Scream Factory -- they go all out with the artwork, which is helping fanboys stock up on physical product during the time when you can get everything on digital. (It's just not as fun watching a movie without being able to put it in your collection on the wall. 

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 comes with a killer amount of special features but you need to buy it for the movie and watch it over and over and over. When you need a break, watch it again. I love this movie so much.