New on Blu is a new column from film pundit Chase Whale, exploring arthouse, underground, exploitation and cult cinema released on Blu-ray and DVD from some of the most cutting-edge independent distributors around the U.S.

*Note: More titles release every Tuesday, but I only am able to review what I am sent.

Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm are three of the funniest dudes working in Hollywood right now. They are on season six now and only one of them has broken into an in-demand film star (Devine), but all bring an equal share of hahas to the show. 

Workaholics is like The Office on crack. And mushrooms, lots of mushrooms. Like The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Workaholics gets repetitive, but the clever gags keep the laughs pounding the chest and the show is always fun to watch with a group after a fun night at the bar. 

Note: DVD only

KNIGHT OF CUPS is one of Terrence Malick's new anomalies that have come out as of late, and it's probably the best. With a stellar cast -- Christian Bale as the lead, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman -- it helps with CUPS TREE OF LIFE-esque style of film. It's very quiet, and we watch as the the protagonist (Bale) tries to figure his place in this world while trying to figure out the world itself. 

Most Malick fans are going to eat this up like his others, but this isn't one from his oeuvre that's not for me. I will always have faith in him and his new films, some just don't hit me as hard as the others.