Review: DEADPOOL 2


When DEADPOOL (2016) released, not many thought it was going to well. It was a February release, which is normally when studios dump their low tier movies they don't feel have a shot at awards season. (It's quite disheartening so many studios out there have the Oscar Bait mentality when making their films. Sure it's nice to win awards, but movies are made to entertain the audience first and foremost. )

I digress

DEADPOOL went on to make $783,112,979 worldwide on a $58 million budget. I would call that a win. 

DEADPOOL 2 is here and is bigger, filthier, and badder than it's predecessor. The over-the-top meta jokes and fourth wall breaking are here and better than ever, along with super witty jokes, and the movie is so much fun -- just what a comedic R-rated superhero movie should be. 

I should point out that DEADPOOL 1 and 2 aren't the first Marvel superhero movies to be rated-R and extremely violent, and neither is LOGAN. Here's a trip down memory lane; back in 1998, Marvel and New Line released the incredibly cool BLADE, featuring Wesley Snipes as the titular character who hunts down vampires in the coolest way possible. This is the first R-rated Marvel film (alone with BLADE II which was directed by cinematic visionary Guillermo del Toro. BLADE will always have a special place in my heart, but DEADPOOL won't and that's not a bad thing -- both DP and its sequel are so much fun. 

There are so many things to love about DEADPOOL 2 -- the meta fourth wall breaking really invites the audience into the movie so we can play along and have fun, too. 

What makes DP 2 work is he can break all cinematic rules with his excessive use of breaking the fourth wall and being so meta(l). This smart because it allows the film to do whatever it wants and we have to accept it for its sheer absurdness. 

The film has a lot of surprises, too. Lots of hilarious cameos, a good story, and lots and lots of violence -- everything you want to see from a superhero named Deadpool who does not want to join the X-Men because they are too to prudish and DP loves killing bad guys and killing them dead in style.