Blu-ray Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE


The most significant flaw in JUSTICE LEAGUE comes from its director (or directors depends on which side of the argument you're on), Zach Snyder, but he can't be faulted for the film's complete failure since his life changed forever during mid-production and he had to hand the keys over to Joss Whedon to finish the film. These two are a dream team and have done miraculous things for the superhero genre (I love MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and will fight you), so one would think the movie we've waited so long time for would be at least good, but JUSTICE LEAGUE is far from even barely tolerable. Uneven pacing, second-hand embarrassing "comedy," -- Whedon's touch --  and yes, you can tell when Snyder drops off and Whedon steps in, but for some reason, I can't help but give the film a pass.

 I very soft spot for Superman and Ezra Miller's The Flash makes the film worth your time -- I cannot wait for his upcoming solo film if it happens. And Jason Momoa looks like he's having the time of his life as Aquaman, which was refreshing, but none of our heroes could save this catastrophe. 

Despite how any feels about MAN OF STEEL and BVS, there's no denying that one can tell Zach Snyder gave both of these movies his all. They have his presence pulsing throughout them, and his passion radiates in every shot. Sure, there are script problems, but there's no denying that Snyder made these movies with his heart, and it's clear he was checked out during JUSTICE LEAGUE. Maybe it was the critical crushing combined with the tragic death of his daughter, but this version of Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE is not Snyder's version or even a movie, really. It's a bunch of ideas (and a really shitty CGI villain with an old Canadian-American rock band name) put together. 

Also checked out in the movie is Ben Affleck -- he looks bored and miserable as Batman, a tough character to crack after Christian Bale's incredible performance, and made it his own. He let the critics get to him, and now he's doing all he can to get out of the franchise. It's a bummer, he's a great Bruce Wayne and brooding Batman. 

Kind of like Superman has for the world, each time I watch Justice League I have hope that it’ll be better, and every time I’m reminded that it will not. Sigh. 

Another major flaw for the movie is JUSTICE LEAGUE did wrong what THE AVENGERS did right was took its time with our superheroes in their own movies, which made the highly anticipated wait of them joining forces pay off with remarkable awe.. JUSTICE LEAGUE crams the team into a packed RUNNING TIME, and we only really got to know Superman, Wonder Woman, and a bit Batman prior.  

What JUSTICE LEAGUE doesn't follow is continuity, which brings me to the most frustrating thing about the movie: Superman's resurrection. BVS lead us to believe he would rise on his own and in a slack-jawing way, but nope, the movie needed a silly deuce ex machina to bring Supes back, and it's highly insulting and frustrating. Superman deserved better. 

And what I can't wrap my head around: Superman was (rightfully) feared in MAN OF STEEL, hated in BVS, and the world mourned when Superman died (and didn't say a thing when he came back to life.) 

Poorly CGI'd mustache was the start of lousy VFX for the film. Both MAN OF STEEL AND BVS still have great CGI, and it seems like the team behind JUSTICE LEAGUE were like, "fuck it, this movie sucks anyway, might as well dial it back on the special effects.  

After WONDER WOMAN, we were given hope the franchise is finally moving in a positive direction, but now it feels like it's a step backward. 

We've waiting decades for a JUSTICE LEAGUE film and deserved something close to exceptional. Here's to hoping future DC movies get better by following Wonder Woman's sharp trajectory and be great, again. (One more reminder to bring it home: I love MAN OF STEEL and BVS. and will fight you if you hate them. Just don't be tall or stronger than me, please.) 

It should also be noted that I wanted this film to be great -- I loved Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman prior to seeing this film, and it's a damn shame this movie is a failure in every way possible. (But I will still watch it again and again because I'm a masochistic for bad movies.)