The below titles release on May 7th, 2019,


If you find yourself asking, What the hell am I watching?, don’t worry, you’re asking the right question. You’re watching the farce Rhinoceros starring late, great comedy duo Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder (who co-starred together in Mel Brooks’ The Producers). It’s strange to talk about the movie if you haven’t seen it because the plot sounds like an acid trip gone really, really bad. Set up like a play (which is first was starring Mostel, who won a Tony for the same character he plays in the movie), the movie is shot in only a few locations and the camera barely movies. Here’s the plot, hang on tight. Functioning alcoholic Stanley (Wilder) has a problem, all his friends and everyone around him are turning into a Rhinoceros. No reason or rhyme why, they just are. Rhinoceros is slapstick comedy at its best and bogth Wilder and Mostel used all the freedom they had to do what they do best, make us laugh. (And make us laugh is what we they do.) Co-starring is the late, under-appreciated Karen Black, who gets some good scenes in this film. Rhinoceros is an absurd, slapstick comedy that was way ahead of its time. This is what makes Kino Lorber/Classics great, they discover little gems like this that most people (myself included) would have never heard of or seen if it weren’t for this boutique label.

Rhinoceros is presented in 1.85:1 aspect ratio with 1080p resolution and 2.0 mono audio.

Rhinoceros is available for pre-order here.


If you’re a fan of Mystery Science 3000, Sex Madness Revealed is for you. Patton Oswalt (a MS3000 alumnus) voices as Jimmy Morris of the fictional Film Dick Podcast and commentates on 1938’s Sex Madness with Chester Holloway (Rob Zabrecky), the odd grandson of Sex Madness’ director, Dwain Esper. As the movie continues, the recording of the podcast gets just as weird as the movie they are commenting on.

Sex Madness Revealed is presented in color 1.78:1 aspect ratio, and is available in two formats: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and mono 2.0

Sex Madness Revealed is available for pre-order here.