Mill Creek Presents: I ❤️ the 90s Retro Blu-ray Slipcovers with JURY DUTY, EXCESS BAGGAGE, DOUBLE TEAM, and OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, Plus More

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Mill Creek Entertainment is on to something. Blockbuster Video is dead so the days of window shopping for movies are over, but we’ve bit a major boom where collectors buy a movie from one competing company over the other bedside of the cover art. mill Creek is releasing so many older titles with a retro slipcover that resembles a VHS cover (and even has a VHS tape sliding out) that makes you want to watch any title they have based on this alone. Some are bad, most are fun, but for the price and cool cover art, they are fun to collect and watch.

Case in point: Jury Duty was my Pauly Shore blind spot until Mill Creek sent me this to review. The only other way I would have seen this movie is when it released — I have collected a lot of their retro Blu-rays because of the slipcover art (Last Action Hero is my favorite). Most avid collectors might scoff at the incredibly low price of like $8, assuming the transfer will be bad, but it’s my job to tell you how these transfers look and I cant tell you that all the retro collection Blu-rays I’ve seen are on the same level as most expensive Blu-rays out there. In other words, the quality is Blu-ray quality, and the price is mind-boggling slow always take advantage when Mill Creek release these films.

Along with Jury Duty, this week’s Mill Creek retro Blu-ray releases are Excess Baggage (which co-stars Benicio Del Toro, who is great in everything), Opportunity Knocks, and a personal favorite, Double Team with my man Jean-Claude Van Damme. This movie is wildly overlooked — Van Damme fights Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), and teams up with former wildcard NBA star Dennis Rodman to take down bad guys. The movie was made by Once Upon a Time in China’s Director, Hark Tsui, who teamed up with Van Damme once more for Knock Off. What’s not to love about this movie!? (Answer: Nothing)

if you like watching junk food cinema (what most refer to as “guilty pleasures,”) as much as I do, buy any Blu-ray Mill Creek puts out in their retro collection. [Note: Last Action Hero is in their retro collection and it’s a masterpiece. I will fight anyone who disagrees but you must be under five feet tall and weight less than 100 pounds.]