Do you even care to know how "gorgeous" the 1080P or 2/4 K scan transfer looks, or how cool the extra features are? By now, you are well-versed in what transfers look like and you know what's coming with the release. You're here because you want to know the experience I have watching this/these film(s). 

New on Blu is a new column from film pundit Chase Whale, exploring studio, arthouse, underground, exploitation and cult cinema released on Blu-ray and DVD from some of the most cutting-edge independent distributors around the U.S. He talks about the movie and whether it's worth a buy, rent, or avoid.


It was tough to watch STAR TREK BEYOND. I didn't see it in theaters since it was Anton's death was still fresh on the mind. And fans of the series also had Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy's death on the mind, as well. Death has worked overtime in 2016, but we must move forward, and we must continue to support the fallen we watched conquer the big and small screen. 

While I don't agree with quote whore Scott Mantz that it's the best action movie of the year -- he must have missed Key & Peele's KEANU -- I do think STAR TREK BEYOND is one of the best action films of 2016 and director Justin Lin (who is responsible for making the Fast & Furious franchise an ongoing cashcow) keeps the excite from the get go to the finale. It's also so good to watch Idris Elba be so bad (in some insane prosthetics).



The easiest way to describe BAD MOMS is "a Seth Rogen raunch-com for women," but that's lazy. Seth Rogen's deranged mind should be for both men and women. Neighbors is one of my favorite comedies and both Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne crush it. 

BAD MOMS (co-written and directed by two guys!) is great. Why? There's heart in it and not just raunch for the sake of being raunch. (Something a lot of Rogen's film are missing.) 

Like all comedies, some jokes are hit and miss, but there are more hits than misses. Some of my favorites I jotted down when watching: Jada Pinkett Smith talk about wanting anal in front of her PTA teacher sqaud, when lead Amy (Mila Kunis) is finally going on a date after dumping her dirtbag husband. It's been decades and she's not really up-to-date on what is sexy. Her friends to her about her bra she plans to wear on a date, "This bra will be the death of your vagina."  

I'm curious how difficult or easy it was to convince the studio to have two dude write and direct a movie about women behaving badly. They must have been very convincing, because everyone in the film plays their part with all they've got and go full raunch. BAD MOMS is pure fun. 

Something special about BAD MOMS: it was independently financed and grossed more than 100 million at the box office



There's not a lot more entertaining than watching Pat Healy (Magnolia, Cheap Thrills) play a psychopath: cotton candy, sleeping, Tour of Italy at Olive Garden quickly come to mind. 

Have you ever been to a theme park where the only way out is to survive? Hopefully, the answer is no, but this world is the Wild West, and nothing surprises me, anymore. 

This is the cinematic world of CARNAGE PARK. A few no-goods botch a robbery and end up at Carnage Park, where there's only one ride: dodging bullets blasting from Vietnam War sniper vet Wyatt Moss' rifles. CARNAGE PARK is a solid throwback to 70s action thrillers (it helps the film is set in the 70s, giving the atmosphere of Sam Peckinpah, Walter Hill, Don Siegel, and George Miller films).



IMPERIUM opens with a quote from Adolph Hitler. That's already a hat tip this is going to be an uneasy movie to watch. Radcliffe has had a good year letting his fans know he doesn't want to just be known as Harry Potter. In 2016, he's played a dead farting corpse looking for love, and here, an FBI informant who signs up with the nazis to take down a group planning something big. 

IMPERIUM doesn't go as far as I expected it to, and it's rather light on the violence that comes with being a white supremacist and planning on killing people. The greatest takeaway is watching Radcliffe go all in on his performance. He really wants you to know he's put Harry Potter far behind him.