Interview: Jon Glaser, Funniest Comedian Alive, is Coming to Dallas. Wear Your Neon Shorts!

Photo Credit: Jon Glaser

Photo Credit: Jon Glaser

Jon Glaser is fucking hilarious. You agree but may not have realized it. He’s had supporting roles in dozens of great films and tv shows you’ve seen him in: Parks and Rec., Trainwreck, Inside Amy Schumer, Girls, Pootie Tang, and his brilliant own work he co-wrote and stars in: Delocated, Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter, and Jon Glaser Loves Gear.

Glaser is the comedian that can have one small scene and steal the entire episode or movie. I first noticed him in a hilarious sketch from Jon Benjamin Has a Van, and since then, I will watch anything Glaser is in, even if for one scene. He’s that good. [Note: Jon Benjamin is my second favorite comedian, so this scene is pure Heaven.]

Well, lucky for me Glaser is coming to Dallas to make me and you laugh on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at Sons of Hermann Hall, and he was kind enough to interview him and ask some pretty ridiculous answers, where he replied with solid gold answers.

Check out the interview and if you’re in the DFW area, buy tickets to his show! It’s all ages and the show will tickle all your funny bones until they hurt. Guaranteed. He-yump!

Photo Credit: Matt Salacuse

Photo Credit: Matt Salacuse

Chase Whale: You have been all over the place for a while, most notably Parks and Rec., Inside Amy Schumer, Girls, Delocated (which you created), Trainwreck, and a slew of other great comedies. You got forever stuck on my radar when I saw watched your Oscar-caliber performance in Jon Benjamin Has a Van as Pvt. Nathan Glaser, the war veteran suffering from PTSD because he lost his voice from screaming too much in basic training (and never went to war). That sketch is one of the funniest of all time. I needed you to know this. 

Jon Glaser - Duly noted and thank you, although I was just an actor in what I agree was a very funny sketch.   

CW: So let’s talk about your upcoming show in Dill. 

JG - Is that a typo or is "Dill" a fun nickname for Dallas? 

CW: What can we expect from the show? Anything unique you’ll be doing differently from other shows? 

JG - It's not traditional stand-up.  It's more a series of conceptual bits and longer ramblings, and very much my sensibility.  If you like my comedy, then I'd imagine you'd like the show.  Maybe not.  You'll just have to roll them dice and come to the show and see!

CW: What’s the hardest part about doing standup?

JG - Probably developing the confidence to not worry about how things go on stage, and just go up there feeling free to try things, whether it's a joke or a conceptual bit or whatever.   

CW: What’s the best way to deflect a heckler? Bill Hicks them or is there a better way?

JG - Probably depends on what they're saying.  I don't do many live shows, and hardly do any touring, or traditional stand-up clubs, so I don't deal with that too much (which means I'll probably deal with it now at this show).  All you can do is try to be smart and funny about it.  Someone told me a story about Dave Attell, who is funny as hell, responding to a heckler who shouted "I fucked your mother!" by saying "Welcome to the wonderful world of AIDS."  I don't if that's true or if I got the story wrong (or if I got the comedian wrong), and there will, of course, be times when heckling won't be as obnoxious, and the response doesn't need to be as aggressive.  But I thought that was about as perfect a way as you could respond to someone like that.  

CW: What is your process of thinking of an idea of a joke, or something that pops in your head that could be funny, and turning it into something funny?

JG - I don't necessarily sit down to think of ideas.  But I'll work on and craft ideas when they occur.  Sometimes I'll go on stage with a very loose idea and see how it goes, and craft it over the next few times I do it, and before I do it again.  Sometimes I'll go on stage with something more fully formed.  And sometimes I'll go on stage with an idea with nothing planned. 

CW: Jokes are always funny to the person who thought of them. To me, I’m the funniest guy I know, but to others, not so much. That said how do you test your material before doing standup? 

JG - I don't really test things out before I go on stage.  The show in Dallas will be lots of old bits of mine that I've done plenty over the years living in New York, but have never toured. 

CW: Anything you would like people to wear to the show? Perhaps, neon shorts? 

JG: I would love everyone in the audience to wear 1980's green Mavericks jerseys.  

Photo Credit: Adult Swim

Photo Credit: Adult Swim

CW: How did you come up with the idea of a werewolf hunter who only wears neon?

JG - That story has been told many times if you want to browse the internet.  The short version is that I completely made up the idea of the show for an appearance on Fallon, and Adult Swim called my bluff and said it sounded like a show they'd do, and so I got to make something out of nothing and luckily it became a TV show.  It's maybe my favorite part about the show.

CW: What’s in store for season 3 of Neon Joe Werewolf  He-Yump?

JG - Nothing as of right now. 

CW: ’m 5’5” and 185 pounds. How can I get a copy of Sheriff Dalton’s workout video? 

JG - I would recommend an aggressive letter-writing campaign to Adult Swim.

Photo Credit: Tru TV

Photo Credit: Tru TV

CW: What’s your favorite piece of gear?

JG - Currently, my trail running backpack.   

CW: When are we going to see a skateboard episode of Jon Glaser Loves Gear?

JG - There was a skateboarding scene this past season, so that'll have to satisfy all the Board Heads out there.

CW: Final and crucial question. You’ve managed to convince networks to make three absurd and fucking hilarious shows with complete creative freedom. How did you convince them to say yes? 

JG - With raw, thunderous, undeniable talent.    

See Jon Glaser make you laugh live on Tuesday, April 23rd at Sons of Hermann Hall. Get tickets HERE NOW NOW NOW!  Or get tickets HERE, too! Or here! Ticket links everywhere! See you at the show.

If you haven’t heard of or seen Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter, buy your ticket to the show, then stop what you’re doing and watch this now.