Favorite Films of 2015

2015 was a wild racket for cinema. For me, anyway. I saw 746 films -- batshit crazy, right?. That's over one film every day for two years. (Yes ladies, I am single -- call me.) I don't know if I watched more from 2015 or the 70s, but you can check my Letterboxd if you want to find out and tell me which. I'm a bit too lazy to scroll through the pages and check. 

To be honest on my high film number count: I did watch a lot of films multiple times (looking at you Magnolia, Blue Ruin, Sicario, The RevenantThe Hateful Eight, and The Raid 2), but there was an avalanche of delicious new films released in 2015 I watched at least once. (There were a lot of awful ones, too, but I don't do those mean-spritied "Worst Movies of the Year" lists. You know what films were bad, I don't need to tell you.)

I don't like to do the traditional Top 10 because there's always too much talented for just ten slots. There's a lot of cinematic flair all over the world, and I can't pick just ten. All that jargon said, below are my favorite films of this year. Some haven't released in the states yet, so be patient, and some aren't opening until 2016, so be patient. My suggestion for the former is getting a region free Blu-ray player (now very cheap on Amazon) and buy the films available outside the states (that's how I got Victoria. It's already out in Germany).

There are lots of films that released in 2015 that are undoubtedly better than some of the below listed. I won't argue with you on that. But these are the films that hit me hard in their own special way. They are intelligent, beautiful, some sad, some happy, some super violent, and some filled with wonder and slack-jawing imagination. All stuck with me this entire year.

Here are my favorite films of the year, listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy and let me know in the comments what your favorites of 2015 are. [Note: Some of these released limited last year for Oscar consideration but didn't have a full theatrical run until this year. A number of those made my list last year and again this year because of the film's theatrical release date in the states. Deal with it.]

45 Years

52 Tuesdays


A Hard Day


A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting Its Existence


Beasts of No Nation

Big Short, The (blurry image but this is the best moment of the film, so I used for you to remember when you see it and then think, "Man, Chase is always right. And good looking.")





End of the Tour, The


Ex Machina

Final Girls, The

Hateful Eight, The


Heaven knows What

Hello, my name is Doris (releasing in 2016; going to be big hit. How Sally Field Got Her Groove Back.)

Inside Out

I’ll See You in My Dreams

James White

Look of Silence, The

Love & Mercy

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Mistress America



One & Two

Revenant, The

Salt of the Earth, The

Second Mother, The


Something Better to Come

Son of Saul




Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Straight Outta Compton


These Final Hours (Take a few minutes to gaze at this hot poster. So awesome.)


Tu Dors Nicole

Two Days, One Night


What We Do in the Shadows

White God

Wonders, The