Some Good 2015-16 Foreign Films Comin' At Ya

This year for American cinema, independent and blockbuster, was a hell of fun. Soon you'll be able to read about my favorites. Some titles you may have never heard of, a lot you probably saw bunches, and a few you may hate. But those are mine. Mine, mine, mine.

One thing that might be the case: you are looking for something new. Don't worry, I got you covered. Below are some of the best foreign films I saw this year. Keep in mind some are in English but that doesn't make it an American film. And it doesn't have to be in non-English to for it to be foreign.  

This isn't a list of just foreign-language films, but just some banging foreign films you should seek out. Some are available to rent/buy, and I've noted the ones I'm sure of -- I may have missed a few. Others you will have to wait until next year, so keep a sharp eye out. 

Moreover, some of these were last year's Oscar contenders but didn't release until this year, some opened in select cities but won't be releasing for you to rent/buy in 2016, and some don't have a distribution date. 

All that in mind, here are some excellent foreign films you need to see. The ones highlighted hurt so good and must be seen ASAP.

Two Days, One Night (available to rent digitally/on Blu-ray and DVD)

Girlhood (Netflix and iTunes)

Mommy (available to rent digitally/on Blu-ray and DVD)

Victoria (Available to rent on iTunes) 

White God (available to rent digitally/on Blu-ray and DVD)

Wild Tales (iTunes and Blu-ray/DVD)

Son of Saul (2016 release)

Something Better to Come

The Second Mother (Available to rent iTunes)

Mustang (2016 release)

Phoenix (Netflix)

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (iTunes)

The Kindergarten Teacher (Netflix)

Mediterranea (iTunes)

What We Do in the Shadows (available to rent digitally/on Blu-ray and DVD)

10.000 Km (iTunes)

The Look of Silence (quasi-sequel to The Act of Killing; on iTunes)

About Elly (iTunes)

Court (iTunes)

Jauja (Netflix and iTunes)

52 Tuesdays (Available on Fandor)

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting Its Existence

Winter Sleep (Netflix and iTunes; it's three hours but worth your patience and time.)

A Hard Day (iTunes)

The Wonders (2016 release)

In the Basement (on DVD in 2016)

45 Years (opening soon.)

Tu Dors Nicole (rent/Netflix)

Winter on Fire (Netflix)

Felix and Meira (iTunes)

Rams (2016 release)

The Fencer (2016 release)

Afterim! (2016 release)

The Lobster (2016 release)

Ida (last year's Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar winner)