This social media / copywriting page is a work in progress, but I wanted to highlight some of my major wins for short-hand copywriting. The Facebook ones below were when I managed Mark Wahlberg, Russell Brand, and Adam Sandler's social media platforms, along with 12 other celebrities and brands. 

Below that is when I wrote copy for Blu-ray/DVD slip, tailoring them to audiences new and old. It was my job to work with the design team, so the copy and design are eye-appealing and delicious.

I managed Mark Wahlberg's Facebook and Twitter accounts. During that time, I had the onerous task of building the excitement for Ted 2, Wahlberg's first leading comedy, which went on to be the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time (until The Hangover II beat it). Our campaign had a heavy influence on the film's success.

Rusell Brand was also my client, and during that run, we ran a campaign while he was gearing up for his new talk show, BrandX with Russell Brand (later changed to Brand X). I went to a few practice runs and helped him with ideas, and we collaborated on the copy and online marketing. Because of our online campaign, the show was picked up for three seasons before the first episode aired. 

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Click on image to view in high resolution.

Adam Sandler was a client. They were running out of ideas for his latest film, That's My Boy. I used a photo, put some copy on it, and to this day, it's his most shared, highest Liked and commented post. A few simple words that his fans ate up. 

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This was my favorite film coverslip to work on. Something we added as a special touch, if you bought two of the films and put them next to each other on a shelf, one has Umi (the girl below) facing forward, and the other, Shun (the boy), facing her. So it became an Easter egg for Studio Ghibli fans. This was my idea.  

Cinedigm picked up a trilogy from Sweden, and it was my job to come up with a catchy name for the second film, as well as write a synopsis to bring in a brand new audience. 

Connected with the designers for artwork and wrote the front and back copy to tailor to regular and audiences.