From the GATW Archives: Kevin Smith supports GATW... sort of

We don’t often features items like this on GATW, but since you’re all precious readers, I thought it would be pretty cool to share. During a recent episode of his podcast, Smodcast, Kevin Smith was dicussing another podcast, The Golden Briefcase over at First Showing, and he mentioned a few of their past guests, including writers and editors from Film School Rejects, Ain’t It Cool News, and us, Gordon and the Whale.

When mentioning GATW, Smith got in touch with his adorable side and called us a “cute-sounding site,” then proceeded with this awesome quote:

“Let’s say Gordon and the Whale writes ‘fuck Smith and everything he’s done - fuck him and everyone that looks like him.’ You can tell me that if your site’s called Gordon and the Whale.”

Smith suffered from what can arguably be called a major case of foot-in-mouth after saying less than nice things about film critics during the financially unsuccessful release of COP OUT, so it’s really nice to see that he’s keeping somewhat good spirits about the online community of movie writers.

When I was tweeted this from The Golden Briefcase's co-host Jeremy Kirk, I spent a day or so debating whether or not this would be newsworthy. On one hand, this might be considered gloating/showing off/whatever, but on the other, it made me really goddamn happy that a director said something nice about our website. Either way you want to view it, I think it's pretty neat and I'm glad I could share.

You can check out the quote at the 18:00 minute mark, and also be sure to listen to the minutes that lead up to it, when Smith says some really nice things about The Golden Briefcase.