From the GATW Archives: SXSW 2011 Video Interview: BELLFLOWER actors Rebekah Brandes, Jessie Wiseman, and Tyler Dawson


Just a few months ago, Evan Glodell’s indie flick BELLFLOWER premiered at Sundance (my review HERE). After its debut, BELLFLOWER became one of the most talked about films playing at the fest and was shortly picked up by Oscilloscope. Oscilloscope brought writer/director/jack-of-all-trades Glodell, actors Rebekah Brandes, Jessie Wiseman, and Tyler Dawson, the Medusa, and lots of crickets to be swallowed to SXSW to screen where, again, everybody talked about it. This is that film that will have your mind spinning days after you’ve first seen it.

I finally caught up with three of the four stars of BELLFLOWER: Rebekah Brandes, Jessie Wiseman, and Tyler Dawson. After doing the interview, I realized this: this crew is a family. They’ve sacrificed a lot together and poured (fake) blood, sweat, and tears into this film. They know they’ve made something very unique. Check out the video interview after the break, where we dive into the process of making BELLFLOWER.

Note: This interview was conducted with Soundtrack Editor, Allison Loring.