My First Time in Front of the Camera: REDFORD SENT US

Two years ago marked the first time Team GATW attended the Sundance Film Festival. While we were there, young filmmaker (and now dear friend) Anthony Meadows was in town shooting a documentary about Sundance called REDFORD SENT US. What Meadows did was follow some bloggers around (Devin Faraci, Rudie and Travis fromCriterion Cast, Rusty and myself, and Scott Hutcheson of WAMG) to name a few) in their daily Sundance routine and interviewed us about the festival. He also spent some time with the lovely Katie Aselton, who was in town promoting her directorial debut, THE FREEBIE.

After a year, Meadows has released the film online free for your viewing pleasure. I watched it not too long ago and I must say, Meadows’ style of filmmaking is really impressive. I really wish there was more blogger interaction in the film but what he gives us is worth the viewing; I’m so glad I got to be a part of this. It’s really strange watching myself in this, though, because I’ve lost over 40 pounds since it was shot (my arteries really appreciate it). Who knew bloggers could actually lose weight?

Full feature after the break!