From the GATW Archives: Cannes 2011 Video Interview: BEAR co-writer/director Nash Edgerton

BEAR carries the same hilariously shocking tradition as SPIDER; Jack (played by co-writer/director Nash Edgerton) has good intentions with his pranks on his girlfriend Emelie (Teresa Palmer) but doesn’t have a filter with them and he winds up facing unplanned painful consequences. Edgerton started his career out as a stuntman, and these two films have a heavy influence on that trade. As I’ve said before, I love everything that Edgerton and his crew Blue-Tongue Films have made so interviewing him about BEAR just made sense. We caught up a few days before the festival ended at Screen Australia to talk about BEAR, the possibility of a SPIDER feature, and what he’s working on next. Check out the interview after the break.

Big thank you to Raffi Asdourian from The Film Stage for shooting this interview for me.


From the GATW Archives: Exclusive: Unused poster art for Nash Edgerton’s THE SQUARE

While Nash Edgerton was in Dallas last weekend to promote his directorial debut THE SQUARE, we hung out with the man himself before our Q&A for the film.  During that hang session, Edgerton showed me a lot of really awesome designs that almost made it as official posters.  They ranged from French noir, to the one you see above, and those after the break.  Since THE SQUARE opened yesterday in Dallas, I contacted Nash and asked him to send me any artwork that never was used to show the online world.  The two posters Edgerton sent me are his favorites.  After staring at them over and over, I decided the second spoke to me more  - it’s simple but if you’ve seen the film, it’s saying so much. You can check it out after the break!

Both of these were designed by Jeremy Saunders for the Australian release.  You can check out Saunders’ other work at  If you’re in Dallas, head to the Magnolia and check out this film - it’s so damn good.  If you’re not from around these parts, beg your local arthouse theater to get this release.  Edgerton and his brother Joel (THE SQUARE’s co-writer) are going places.

The Square Poster

While you’re still here, check out Edgerton’s awesome (when dealing with this guy, you use the term “awesome” a lot) short films SPIDER and FUEL (respectively).