The Avengers are at war, and this time it's not civil. (Sorry, I have been waiting to use that sentence since the announcement of this film. It's quite lame and I'm OK with this.)

This is going to be a capsule review of THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR because there's a lot of layers and superheroes (about nine million, if I counted correctly), and so much going on, and well, I don't want to spoil anything for you. 

I don't think I need to dive much into the plot -- the big, bad guy we've been waiting on to come take on the Avengers -- Thanos (voiced by DEADPOOL 2's Josh Brolin) -- is here. He's arrived to get all the infinity stones and wipe out the galaxy. If he gets all of those stones, he's got the chance. 

INFINITY WAR is stuffed like a fat turkey with all your favorite MCU superheroes, and the action is mind-blowing. Moreover, the CGI is better than any superhero film I've ever seen -- there is one character I thought was real but was, in fact, complete CGI. (It's hilarious we are in 2018 and Marvel tricked me with their immaculate CGI, yet DC can't digitally erase a fucking mustache properly.) 

INFINITY WAR's running time is over 2 1/2 hours but it's so nail-biting intense it zooms by and is a rush the entire time. Marvel is unstoppable and DC needs to take notes. (Note: I love MAN OF STEEL and will defend it to the death. Come at me.) 

Co-directors The Russo Bothers did a fantastic job balancing the tone of each character and franchise that joined while keeping the film dark when it needs to be dark, and funny when it needs to be funny.

THE AVENGERS will always be the best in the franchise because Joss made a seemingly impossible job so incredible, but INFINITY WAR will no doubt be the most memorable.

 Being a more of a DC fan (well, OK, just Superman and Batman, and now Wonder Woman), I am very much looking forward to AVENGERS 4. 

Fun trivia: Marvel has a thing for giving Josh Brolin's left hand a key element to his character -- the glove in INFINITY WAR and his metal arm in DEADPOOL 2. Man, I am a dork but I love this stuff.