Fear and Loving in David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN Trailer

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.05.07 AM.png

Anyone who knows me, knows how loud my heart beats for John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN (1978). It's the best slasher film ever made, and if you don't agree, let's fight. (Must be under five feet tall and weigh less than 100 pounds).

There have been several reboots, all have sucked (looking at you, Rob Zombie), and we finally may have the Michael Myers conclusion fans like me deserve. HALLOWEEN (2018) is under great care -- Jason Blum (producer for the great GET OUT, Paranormal Activity, and other great horrors movies), and is directed by my king, David Gordon Green (GEORGE WASHINGTON, JOE, PRINCE AVALANCHE).. DGG has never made a horror film before, but I will always trust this man.

Another fun tidbit: Danny McBride (Yes, Kenny Powers) co-wrote the film, but don't let that turn you off, he's a terrific writer and like DGG, he's taking this film very seriously. 

I trust DGG and McBride with this franchise -- they got Carpenter to return and do original music, as well as executive produce, Jamie's back, Nick Castle (who played Michael Myers / The Shape in the original Halloween) returned as Mikey, and you can tell just from what we've scene, DGG and McBride have paid close attention to detail. (If you look close, you can see Meyers left eye is poked out from when Laurie poked it with a hangover in Halloween (1978). So stoked. 


I try to avoid trailers if I can, but there's no way I was going to miss this one. I also hate when people judge a movie based on the trailer, but I cannot help but not when it comes to Michael Myers. I have been eagerly waiting to see footage of the film since HALLOWEEN's production started. The trailer does get me amped, but I do have some reservations (please God, let there be a damn good reason for Meyers for going after Laurie now they we know they are not brother-sister -- pure coincidence and a 40-year grudge will make her less significant and special). I will save those for the review, once I've seen the film. I just hope this is the Myers-Strode showdown us Halloween nerds deserve. 

I will say, I love the homages to previous Halloween incarnations throughout the trailer. Very cool of DGG to pay tribute to all the filmmakers who took a stab at the Myers franchise. 

October 19th is the theatrical release date; until then, check out the trailer and let me know what you think.