A good horror film doesn't rely on big budgets, special effects, and giant monsters (unless that monster is your average human). A good horror film is atmospheric, grounded, and shakes you to the core long after leaving the theater. HEREDITARY nails all three of these. I'm still processing this movie, but I haven't been impacted by movie like HEREDITARY in quite some time. This movie scared the hell out of me.  

HEREDITARY is a horror film, but at it's core, it's a film about family plagued with mental illness (hence the title) and the deadly perils that come with it if untreated here. Maybe it’s an allegory for mental illness, maybe it’s a straight up horror film. Either way, it’s highly effected and you need to see it ASAP. 

There’s so much lore in HEREDITARY to unpack and needs to be seen a second (or third) time so miss what was miss the first. Sure, a lot of answers are right there in the movie, but so many should be picked up upon second viewing. I’m certain I missed quite a few because I still have questions. This is also what makes a good movie affective — talking about it long after seeing it and many are doing that now, including me. 

506772-hotel-artemis h.jpg

Jodie Foster camera out of acting retirement (since ELYSIUM in 2013) for HOTEL ARTEMIS. I am not sure what she saw in the script, but this is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. There was a lady texting me two seats down from me, and I was so exhausted from the daunting task of finishing this punishing movie, that I did not care about her distraction. 

There are so many missed opportunities in HOTEL ARTEMIS, so many lazy plot points, and so, so many unnecessary characters with their own plots that would have been better if all were cut out of the film 

This is going to get a lot of comparisons to JOHN WICK (and rightfully so), so I’ll give you an head of how boring HOTEL ARTEMIS is: Imagine JOHN WICK being about him moping around for two hours over his dead dog — no action — and at the end he realized he’s going to be OK…annnnd scene! This is HOTEL ARTEMIS in a nutshell. There are fight scenes, but very few. 

What there’s most of is storylines and characters that do not need in the movie. The only good things about HOTEL ARTEMIS is Jody Foster and David Bautista. Cut everything else and you have a great short film. 

I could say more about this movie but this movie was a beating and I’m way too tired to give think about this more any further. 

There are a lot of guests at HOTEL ARTEMIS — Foster, Bautista, Jeff Goldbum, Sofia Boutella (our new, much needed action star), Brian Tyree Henry (Paperboy in Atlanta), Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day  Kenneth Choi, and Sterling K. Brown. A big, bad guest list which should make for a good time, but I wanted to check out long before the movie ended. This movie has no idea what it's doing. If you are coming for the action like the marketing makes it sounds like that's what you're in for, avoid at all cost. 

The best thing about HOTEL ARTEMIS is that it ended.