From the GATW Archives: Comic-Con Red Carpet: DISTRICT-9 (with Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley, and PETER JACKSON)

This past weekend at Comic-Con, I spoke with the three faces of DISTRICT 9 (which received a standing ovation after the screening): Neill Blomkamp (co-writer/director), Sharlto Copley (the star of the film who loved the way I shot the interview!), and Peter Jackson (producer/extreme badass who also was taken aback on how I shot the red carpet). For the first two fine gents, I stuck to questions about DISTRICT 9, but when it came time to speak with Jackson, I stayed away from D9 stuff (I’m confident he jumped on as a producer because the script’s incredible and Neill has a brilliant vision. Plus, Peter has a great eye for new talent) and asked the two questions I thought a lot of people would want to know.

After interviewing Peter Jackson, even for less than two minutes, I can honestly say that the anxiety in my body that I feel moments before speaking to someone famous has now dwindled into a rose that hasn’t been watered in over two weeks. Please enjoy these three interviews!